Sala & Monk

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Author: Neske Beks
Illustrations: Hedy Tjin

Childrensbook | 10+ | Dutch | hardcover | 176 pagina’s | Querido Publisher | Winner of Met Vlag en Wimpel 2021 (Bronzen Penseel)


Sala and Monk are twins. They live with their white mother on the island of Testerep. They don’t remember anything about their black father and Mama Kat never talks about him. Around their twelfth birthday, they discover a photo, address and name of him during an exciting treasure hunt, and are put on his trail. When they meet their impressive tall father Salomon in the distant big city, emotions run wild. Sala flies into his arms and Monk see which way the wind blows for a while. But Salomon is very happy to finally see his two children again. He even plans a visit to the island of Testerep.

ISBN: 9789045122953