GRONINGSE DRADEN UIT HET KOLONIALE VERLEDEN | When you think of the history of slavery, you might not immediately think of Groningen, but the city had more links to the practice than many in the Netherlands. From 18 February to 12 September 2022, in the cultural event Bittersweet Heritage (Bitterzoet Erfgoed), museums, heritage institutions, and cultural and educational organisations in the city and province of Groningen will examine the history of slavery and its effects. A part of this manifest is the exhibition in the Akerk, where you can see works of Faisel Saro, Aimée Terburg, Esli Tapilatu and me curated by Ricardo Burgzorg. My part was to design a 35 meter long tapestry with images of the slavery history of Groningen, so I did next to developing the materials, colors and techniques.  Stay tuned for the result.