L.O.B.I. Arcade¬† | Brian Elstak asked Dewy ‘Butterfingaz’ Elsinga and me to collaborate on his exhibition L.O.B.I. ARCADE in Oscam Amsterdam Zuidoost, in these works we reflect on both universal and personal themes in an authentic and unique way. These themes range from black empowerment, representation, colonial heritages and migration, to personal struggles such as paranoia and (dis)belief in mankind.


For this show I was inspired by old family photos, captured moments that all gradually ensured that she became who she is today. A moksi patu (mixed pot) of tropics and flat cold lands, catholic church, carnival , rice and meatballs. Elements with the same origin, but a different implementation. Also in the use of materials I mixed different elements, such as pen, paper, textile and paint.


If you’re interested in buying any of these works, please feel free to contact me.


Part of the photos by Maikel Jay.