MURAL THE SCENE – TILBURG NOORD | This mural in Tilburg Noord I made for The Scene. They initiate a weekly get together for a group of young woman in Tilburg Noord every Wednesday evening to eat, talk and create. This period the theme was ‘images and painting’ and ‘sisterhood’ I was asked to do some workshops. The girls made supercool illustrations with markers. I used a selection of their drawings to design a collage for this huge wall of 20 x 13 meter. For 8 days I painted with the best crew ever: Bruce Tsai Meu Chong (Opperclaes), Devinio Palas, Cheraine Baljé and Gigi Grevenbroek. We helped each other trough the heatwaves, rain and the fear of height. While painting we received so much love and power from the people of Tilburg Noord.

Thanks Amber and Pien of The Scene Tilburg, and thanks to Wonenbreburg and Gemeente Tilburg. This was so cool to do, and Tilburg is such a lovely city.